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Music Deals Could Transform Digital Market

National Journal “As the Justice Department presses forward with its lawsuit filed last week against Apple and two publishers for allegedly colluding to raise prices and manipulate the evolving market for digital books, the nation’s other antitrust regulator is weighing … Continue reading

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82% Of U.S. CDs Are Now Distributed By One Company & It’s Not Universal Music

HypeBot.com “Sony DADC which has acted as the U.S. CD distributor for three of the four major labels has transferred those rights to Knoxville, TN based Anderson Merchandisers. Anderson will now distribute Universal Music, Sony Music Entertainment and EMI CDs … Continue reading

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EMI Merger with Rival Label is a Possibility

The Tennessean “Reducing the number of major players in the music industry from four to three would, ordinarily, sound alarms among antitrust regulators, especially if those companies account for roughly 75 percent of the music business.” Full Article…

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Independent & Upcoming Artists May Benefit from the Performing Rights Act?

Today the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee approved the Performance Rights Act, and the bill will go to the Senate to be discussed and voted upon at some later time. The Performance Rights Act is a bill primarily backed by the … Continue reading

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