Music Appreciation Week (Jan. 10th – Jan. 16th) is hosting Music Appreciation Week starting January 10th, to raise music education awareness.  Participate in our campaign and paste the following to your Facebook status this week to help raise awareness:

This week is Music Appreciation Week, change your profile picture to a picture of your favorite artist/band until Jan. 16th to raise music education awareness.  Visit to donate and learn more about your local music charities. Please repost.

5 Music Charities:

VH1 Save The Music Foundation

The VH1 Save The Music Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to restoring instrumental music education in America’s public schools, and raising awareness about the importance of music as part of each child’s complete education. To date, the Foundation has provided more than $47 million in new musical instruments to 1,750 public schools in more than 100 cities around the country, impacting the lives of over 1.6 million children.

Fender Music Foundation

The Fender Music Foundation believes that music participation is an essential element in the fabric of an enduring society. Our mission is to have the benefits of making music available to everyone in the communities in which we serve, to promote its importance through education and media initiatives, and to provide financial and in-kind resources in collaboration with other organizations to achieve our common goal.

Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation

The foundation donates both new and refurbished instruments to school and after-school music programs that lack the resources to keep up with equipment loss due to attrition, depreciation and wear over time, and to accommodate students on waiting lists or who have to share instruments.

California Lawyers for the Arts

THE MISSION OF CALIFORNIA LAWYERS FOR THE ARTS is to establish a bridge between the arts and the legal communities so that: artists and art groups may gain greater competence in handling legal and business aspects of their creative activities; the legal profession may become more aware of and involved in issues affecting artists and the arts community and, the law may become more responsive to the needs and interests of the arts community.


The MusiCares Foundation, Inc., was established in 1989 by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. Meant for musicians to have a place to turn, in times of financial, personal, or medical crisis, its primary purpose is to focus the resources and attention of the music industry on human service issues which directly impact the health and welfare of the music community. The foundation’s programs include emergency financial assistance, addiction recovery, outreach and leadership activities, and senior housing.

More music charities…

“Ask not what music can do for you, but what you can do for your music”

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